How to Care for Hair

How to Care for Hair - Commonly referred to as the hair of the women's crown. Then bagainama inexpensive way of treating hair and can be done alone, so no need to pay more to go to the salon. Hair loss treatment is essential to prevent hair loss. It is closely related to various factors, such as genetics, diet, or disease. Here is a hair care tips to stay healthy glow.

How To Take Care Natural Hair
Make sure your hair before you get the necessary amount of nutrients of the food you consume every day. To prevent hair loss healthy hair you need protein and other nutrients that serve to maintain the fertility of the hair. Food in question is eggs, nuts, salmon, carrots, and fruits and vegetables and others.

"Watch Your Hair Hygiene"

If you want your hair look beautiful thing you notice is the cleanliness of your scalp. How to grow hair with a beautiful sparkling clean if the place does not grow? Make it a habit to wash your hair regularly. By shampooing will make the dirt and the oil lost from the hair and scalp. Choose a gentle shampoo that matches your scalp, because if it does not fit can cause dandruff.

How to Care for Hair next hair is not too frequent use of blow-dry to dry your hair. Settinglah blow-dry your heat level you need to know adala rendah.Yang hair wet conditions can take the hair and make it always moist.

Use Condotioner
If your hair feels dry and rough then use conditioner on a regular basis. Conditioner works to maintain a state of hair to keep it moist so that your hair is dry and rough. Choose a conditioner that many in the market, before buying you should consult with your friends and neighbors.

How To Take Care Oily Hair
If your hair is oily solution was the first thing you should do is wash it aimed to remove oil and dirt on the head. Use a wide-toothed comb type and one should not hold your hair too often that is not easily soiled.

I hope to take care of short hair can be beneficial to maintain beauty of your crown.

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How to Eliminate Blackheads

How to Eliminate Blackheads - What woman does not want to have a face clean and free of blackheads, but sometimes the presence of black spots blackheads can not be avoided so as to make the skin look dull. Blackheads are the worst skin problems that can affect our skin. To eliminate it, never squeeze or scratch pimples komedo.Pada is essentially that adorn the face and to better identify the types of blackheads that settle on your face it's good to know the following before removing blackheads that this one type of acne consists of two types.

First, an open comedo (blackhead) look like enlarged pores and black (black is porous plug that changes color due to oxidation by air).

Secondly, the closed comedones (whiteheads), have skin that grows over the clogged pores that look like small white bumps under the skin. Well if it recognizes the type that attacks the blackheads you will certainly make the job of removing blackheads will feel more focused.

How to Eliminate Blackheads

The cause of blackheads is mostly caused by dead skin cells and excess oil glands in the skin. This happens when you are not diligent in cleaning the skin so the dead skin cells and oil accumulate on the surface of the skin and then close the skin cells, and there was a blockage. Make up and styling products that contain oils can also aggravate the situation. From the various references I present the following Tips and Tricks:

How to remove Blackheads Natural and Scientific.

A. Avoid the use of cosmetic creams and oils form that can increase the chances of blackheads.

2. Give steam your face at least once a week. Place your face over boiling water in order mangguk water vapor touches the skin. To get the maximum steam, cover your head with a towel. Then, use a mixture of honey and sugar for scrubbing. This method will remove blackheads as well as soften your skin.

3. Exfoliation is an important step to eliminate dead skin cells. It helps get rid of dead skin that hoard in the skin pores causing blackheads and pimples.

4. For owners of oily skin, try using a clay mask made from the skin to reduce oil. Choose a mask that does not contain mint, peppermint or other irritant materials. Better to use materials that contain no added fragrance.

5. Make a repellent mask blackheads by mixing lemon juice, almond oil and glycerin. Apply on face for several minutes. This will not only help reduce blackheads, but also get rid of black spots on the face of acne scars.

6. Moisten face with warm wet cloth pressed every night for 15 minutes. This will remove dead skin cells, dirt and other particles clog the pores. After use, boil the cloth in boiling water to kill germs and bacteria.

7. Warm a little honey and apply on the face of blackheads. Wash your face after 10 minutes. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer as well as raise blackheads.

Method - the method above when done consistently it will give satisfactory results, do not ever try to squeeze and remove blackheads with nails. Instead of getting results from the cleaning step removes blackheads or acne, skin that is injured and could face up to allow entry of the bacteria irritate the skin so use an effective way of removing blackheads. How to Eliminate Blackheads